If you want a successful, enduring business, you can't afford to overlook marketing. Whether you have a hot new enterprise, are in need of a makeover, or want to pick up sales, marketing is the key to being seen and heard! Now don't get stuck in the notion that marketing is just about newspaper ads or brochures - it is soooo much more than that! And branding is not just a logo! It is the feeling a person gets, a memory and a feeling when they think of your brand!

My job, is to show you how to use marketing to your advantage. Together we can build a strategy or plan which is centered around your needs, working within your budget, to grow your business to new heights!

• Strategic marketing
• Campaign development
• Brand development and / or management
• Project management
• Creative direction
• Communications Guide development
• Style Guide development
• Corporate identity
• Social media strategy
• Content writing
• Advertising