A long, long time ago (or not so long ago depending on what age I tell you), I started my creative journey studying graphic design. It has been a great foundation in my career and I can materialise a 'look' much clearer than the average marketing specialist as I understand design in a more practical sense.

It's so important for a company to have beautiful stuff. Whether it's a logo, business stationary, company brochures or annual reports, your business will be judged on how these things look.

Graphic design is an evolving art. Like fashion, something that was 'in' a year ago, may not be in this season. It's my job to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd to be relevant, engaging and competitive!

• Logos
• Promotional collateral (stickers, packaging, pens, pads)
• Clothing
• Business stationary (business cards, letterheads)
• Electronic design (facebook banners, email signatures)
• Advertising (newspaper, magazine ads)
• Posters
• Brochures
• Signage
• Wedding / birthday invitations
• Website (look, site mapping)
• AGM reports
• Books